Reductor de presiune cu manometru 3/4"


Reductor de presiune cu manometru 3/4"

Thursday, 4 March 2021
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Despite bearing a simple design, the vendors have made sure not to compromise on its usefulness. They have taken care of water safety by equipping this valve with a screened washer that removes any debris.

The Kepooman water pressure regulator is a decent small device giving superior control on water pressure.

It comes in a feasible design that fits most RV hoses and garden hoses. Plus, it is very easy to install, hence, you can place it with any water hose whenever required.

The valve is made from high-quality brass that warrants the utmost endurance. Whereas, its lead-free composition keeps the incoming water safe. Also, it has an inlet screened filter that cleans water from most contaminants.

Apart from its impressive design, it also comes in a user-friendly control. You can easily control the water pressure via the given knob. And during all this time, you can read the incoming water pressure on the given gauge. So, you enjoy even more control with precise pressure regulation from 0 to 160 psi.