O coastă pleșuvă. (Vezi imaginea originală)

O coastă pleșuvă

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Thursday, 5 May 2016
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Uneori vezi așa imagini triste că inima ți se strânge și te cuprinde melancolia: cauți cerneala și-ți ascuți pana.

In the intervening years I have written more lines of code than I could guess in about a dozen languages. I still write code every week – although the list of languages, and number of lines are somewhat diminished these days. Over the years I have seen plenty of horrible code and some really good stuff too. In my own work, I have written my fair share of good and bad.

Interestingly, not once in my entire career have I been employed as a programmer. I had my own IT business for five years, and have been in businesses large and small – mostly in R&D, technical and operations management – but never working solely as a programmer. What I have been is the guy that gets called up to Get Stuff Done.